From the Killing Fields of Cambodia,
to the Refugee Camps in Thailand
and the Philippines,
to serving 17 years as a Livermore Police Officer,
this successful small business owner, philanthropist,
founder and leader of non-profit organizations,
is also a Livermore Community Leader.…





Forged by the war in Cambodia, facing near starvation, and constant danger,
Mony Nop arrived in the United States via dramatic rescue efforts. He has a future few could have imagined.


Mony For Mayor 2020 - Meet Mony - The Nop family entering the refugee camp - Livermore CA
The Nop family living in the refugee camp, 1978



At the age of six, Mony walked amid bombs and land mines from Cambodia to Thailand while more than two million of his fellow citizens were being slaughtered by the Pol Pot Regime during the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Mony and his family were devastated by war, however, together – did not give up.