Mony’s Vision

Mony For Mayor 2020 - Meet Mony - Monys Vision Goals For Livermore CA

1. Protect Public Safety

As a first responder himself for 17 years, and while serving as a Livermore police officer, Mony values those who help save lives. These heroes represent the first line of defense in every community. The police force is a necessary component in not only saving lives, but also, in keeping peace and serving in a myriad of ways. They keep an open line of communication with the city and its residents to help maintain order and well-being.

Open to change, Mony will work diligently to seek out solutions for the change that Livermore residents desire and need, and to include diversity and inclusion, as he defends the rights of the residents and the city as a whole. Maintaining sufficient funding for the city of Livermore Police Department means directly impacting our desirable community with the public safety protocols and confidence in which we live, work and play.

2. Build Downtown Now

As a huge supporter of the “Yes on Measure P,” Mony is excited about the building of the new downtown boutique hotel, along with the science center, the black box theatre and work-force housing in downtown Livermore in the near future.

Because so many people and businesses are greatly impacted by Covid-19 currently, one of Mony’s priorities is to work diligently to seek solutions and resources to help all of those who are affected by Covid-19 in this unprecedented economy. Providing timely information to the public is a priority, as businesses need the support of local government, residents, and visitors alike to be successful. Getting things done while listening to you is where Mony excels.

Mony also respects the Urban Growth Boundary approved by the voters in Livermore. He will work to maintain the Scenic Corridor Policy, protect our open space, and promote smart growth of our infill property.

3. Mitigate Homelessness

Mony understands what it means to be homeless having lived in the war-torn country of Cambodia for the first 6 years of his life, and then in a tent city in the refugee camps for the next 4 more years in Thailand and the Philippines.

Mony is appreciative of, and supports the efforts of our local, faith-based community, and other non-profits that provide services to our homeless citizens — including the Livermore Police Homeless Liaison Officers –- a team that interacts directly with the homeless population sharing services that are available to them. Livermore’s homeless population has increased dramatically within the past few years, and Mony strongly believes that it will continue to increase if we don’t act now.

As Mayor, Mony will seek short and long-term solutions to help mitigate homelessness in our community. This will include working with area leaders to find more permanent housing and hosting a symposium to better educate the public about homelessness. “This is not just a Livermore problem but a regional problem that we must solve regionally with the support of our community. We seek assistance from anyone who is willing to help, including our residents, and all state, federal and local governments.”

Based on his experience as a police officer, Mony believes that one of the most effective ways to solve homelessness is by building “mini houses” with the added component of a community center that offers “wrap-around services.”

Mony and 40 other leaders from the Bay Area recently, in February 2020, traveled to Austin, Texas, to visit mini houses and wrap-around community service centers, known as Community First Villages. These leaders went about seeking best practices and ideas from other areas to bring back to Livermore and the Tri-Valley.

4. Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Mony supports a variety of housing types, which will help our police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and local workforce residents who struggle with Livermore’s housing affordability.  He supports the current smart growth policies governed by the city’s Housing Implementation Program (HIP). The HIP regulates Livermore’s growth between 1.5-2.5% annually.

5. Bring High-Paying Jobs to Livermore

Too many residents spend valuable time commuting long distances to work. Mony will work with the city’s Economics and Innovation Department to pursue jobs and sectors of various industries and bring them “home” to create shorter commutes.

Mony will listen to the needs of our residents, local business owners, national laboratories, and vintners to augment our already-prosperous business environment. This includes continued support for our local business incubator i-GATE. i-GATE operates Daybreak Labs, a co-working space for startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives, that has already created 12 local businesses.

Livermore has some of the best wineries in the region. Mony supports the economic viability of the wine industry by focusing on growing the agritourism market, which the new downtown hotel will serve.

Mony highly believes in fiscal responsibility and maintaining a balanced budget. While the city has many competing obligations, it is necessary that we address the continuing need for maintenance and upkeep of city-owned-and-operated facilities and infrastructure. Let’s make Livermore a Tri-Valley destination and one of the best cities to live and raise a family in California!