Upon Election to Mayor of Livermore: Top 3 Priorities

As Mayor of Livermore, my First Three Phases to help secure a better life in Livermore will include:

  1. Weekly Town Hall Meetings
  2. Forming an Economic Task Force
  3. Conducting a Homeless Symposium


  • Our weekly townhall meetings will engage the community in a setting that encourages questions, answers, and yes, A Voice of Opportunity for All.
  • Assembling an Economic Task Force is a must for the city. We will plan for Livermore’s future, including how to help currently struggling businesses, and how we deal with the Coronavirus in ways to keep our citizens safe and healthy and businesses open.
  • Conducting a Homeless Symposium is important to me. We will work with leaders in the area and discuss how to eradicate the homeless issue in Livermore by building or providing mini houses to accommodate those who need shelter.