Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer

Phong La, Alameda County Assessor

Cathie Brown, Former Mayor of Livermore

Lorraine Dietrich, Former Livermore City Council Member

Laureen Turner, Former Livermore City Council Member

Mike Peretti, Retired Police Lieutenant, Livermore Police Department

Ayn Wiescamp, Former Board Member @ LARPD

Doug Bell, Former General Manager @ LARPD

Tim Berry, Former General Manager @ LARPD

Ben Barrientos, City Council District 2 Candidate

Carol Wahrer, City Council District 1 Candidate


Lance and Athena Cavalieri, Cavalieri’s Jewelry

Don and Natalie Swanson, Swanson Real Estate Team

Rusty and Michelle Skinner, Hop De Vine

Linda and Don Milanese

Jody Amos, Amos Productions

David and Jolene Abraham
Arthur Alm
Richard Andrews
Tony and Elana Arsondi
Amber Averill
Helen Barnes
Dave Bastian
Anthony and Cherese Beasley
Ellen Bell
Monica and RJ Betancor
Jim Berry
Natalie Bianco
Luke Billingsley
Janette Billingsley
Dona Blackmore
Cheryl Blea
Erick and Dafina Bonifacio
Julie and Steve Briggs
Karalee Brune
Stephanie Byous
Lori and David Carillo
Heather Cass
Justin Castro
Gene and Vicki Coats
Al Cofer
Sonia and Peter Cole
Lejla Cyr
Joseph DeLima
Eric and Kala Dillie
Christine Dillman
Michelle Dodd
Dale and Dave Dubowy
Lorelei Fernandes
Rebecca Ferris
Michael and Pam Ferrucci
Dee and Jim Fiato
Arlene Folkers
Julie and Scott Genung
Genevieve Getman-Sowa
Sonya Gividen
JP Gnovel
Megan and Daniel Gonzales
Judy Gudry
Lucy Hair
Martha and Scott Hammond
Shara and Scott Hart
Martha Haley
Rachael and Brian Heidl
Terri Helene
Richard and Heidi Herbert
Leigh and Ed Hoffman
Eric Hom
Deborah Houston
Roxanne Houghton
Nancy and Don Hubbard
James Hutchins
Sean Ferrel
Terry and Frank Inzerillo
Wayne Jacobs
Andrea and Mike Jeffery
Ken Jones
Mai-Li Jorgensen
Jayshree Kansara
Loretta Kaskey
Ian Kaye
Kat Kaye
John Kelly
Robin Kelly
Annette and Art Khaliq
Alex and Michelle Lago
Susan and Tim Letendre
Marcus Libkind
Jim and Maribeth Linhart
Dennis Linney
Leah and Jeremy Lusk
Natalie MacDonald
Jose Madriz
Celia Madriz
Uwe Maercz
James and Julia Marasco
Monte Martella
Belia and Paul Martinez
Jessie Masingale
Pat Mayfield
Rick and Lisa Mayfield
Susan Mayall
Brian Mayall
Claudia McKelvey
Deborah McQueen
Sue Michel
Don and Leslee Middlebrook
Linda Milanese
Mary Miller
Barry Montgomery
Richard and Ruby Moppin
Brian Nakashima
Ron Negrette
Chris and Barbara Null
JJ Olsen
Bobby and Denise Ortega
Lisa Palmer
Taylor Parker
Ellen Peete
Illyasha Peete
Shana Peete
Janeen Petersen

Leslie and Ernesto Prado
Justin Probert
Letty and Boy Quihuis

Reggie Quindoy
Tom and Rose Ramos
Ann Reinhart
Junior Romero
Mary Anne Rosza
Gretchen Rutherford
Jill Scott
Sonya Sheffield
Nick Solis
Gena Steward
Glenn and Patti Stewart
Heather Stratton
Mardee Strom
Larry Surroach
Joanne Tan
Jackie Tarin-Rankl
Jennifer Teichera
Loan and Chris Therene
Trent Thompson
Paul and Pauline Thompson
Mike and Anita Thompson
Ceara and Gayle Threets
Maureen and Phillip Torretto
Brian and Nancy Toy
Steve Toyama
Carrie Ulrich
David Vonheeder
Roger M. White

Carol Chargin