Mony Nop: Experience That Makes A Mayor

My experience, qualifications and skills within public service, business and the community will transfer seamlessly into my new role as the Mayor of Livermore.

First and Foremost — Serving and Assisting Others is Important To Me.  

In 2022, I co-founded the East Bay Entrepreneurs Circle to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn about business and how to turn their passion into profit.

In 2015, I served as President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America at the Greater East Bay Chapter while working with local, state and federal governmental agencies to help increase homeownership for Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

Leadership Is In my DNA … I have held many leadership positions that will contribute to running a City Council effectively:

As the former Vice President and Co-Founder of Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, I have worked with members of various boards and committees to accomplish key objectives of our organizations, much like the priorities of the City Council. TVNPA is now a thriving organization, already serving over 400 nonprofit organizations.

As the 2020 Chairman of the National Public Policy Committee for the Asian Real Estate Association of America, we have worked on housing and lending issues for minorities. Our goal is to help increase homeownership for these communities, where we lag about 12% behind the national average. In this position, I lead a committee of 14 people, from 14 different states.  Each year, our committee leads a delegation to meet with members of Congress, often with 100-150 appointments each time.  This committee ensures that members of Congress know and understand our priorities and ask the delegation to support legislations that hugely impact Asian-American homeownership.

Because of Covid-19, we were unable to meet in person this year. I was, however, able to lead our committee to host a Virtual Policy Summit, where nearly 300 people were on a call from across the United States. This was a great accomplishment considering today’s economic times.

At this summit, I was honored to have introduced two secretaries, Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson, and Norman Mineta, the former Secretary of Transportation who, during 9/11, ordered 6,048 planes to land in under 2 hours 30 minutes.

This committee, seven years ago, made history. For the first time in the history of the Housing and Urban Development housing report, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were included with its own housing aggregate data — along with Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. We are no longer listed in the “Other” categories. I am proud to have participated in the fight that accomplished this milestone.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from St. Mary’s College, and now operating a small business, as President and CEO of Mony Nop Real Estate Inc., I continually evaluate my business working on budgets, hiring the right personnel, evaluating and staying ahead of the ever-changing market conditions. I conduct marketing and public relations, work with clients and vendors, and rectify the issues that occur every day.  To me, operating a city is much like operating any business except on a grander scale.

As your Mayor and leader/overseer of the city council, I will work on establishing our priorities and work with city leaders and staff to accomplish our goals for Livermore. Because our budget is obviously impacted by Covid-19, there will be many competing priorities. I will work diligently and closely with our staff to make sure that your health, welfare, and safety will be of utmost importance. It may not be easy, however, your safety is my primary concern.

I am a connector of people and resources. Because of my work on local and national levels, I have many connections and resources throughout the world. I will always look for ways and opportunities to bring those connections and resources to our city.