Mary Anne Rozsa
“I have known Mony Nop for approximately 15+ years as I first met him when he was a Livermore Police Officer. His service to the community has always been outstanding, and he is so dedicated to helping others with a variety of charitable organizations that serve the needy and in particular the youth in our schools.

He is aware of the needs of our City and our Citizens, and I can totally recommend Mony for Mayor because of his dedication to improving Livermore, and he will be responsive to the issues that Livermore will face in the next few years.

Mike Peretti – Police Lieutenant, Retired, Livermore Police Department
As a Police Lieutenant (Retired) for the Livermore Police Department, I had the pleasure of working with Mony for his entire seventeen-year career as a police officer. Without hesitation, I can say that Mony is the epitome of a community servant, who has demonstrated the characteristics of a true LEADER, humility, passion, and vision. He is creative, and one who can bring new and viable solutions to lingering social issues within the community, and build upon the foundation of success from those who came before him. Mony equals success for any community. “Honor Lies Within the Service of Others.”

Pat Mayfield
Mony Nop is a natural leader and innovator. He is a thinker, a planner, a doer, a problem solver and always says, “Thank You.” He gets things done. He sees issues and opportunities and does something about it. He is tenacious and relentless in his pursuits, which are many and always about something good or better for others.

He is one of the most energetic people I know and is strong in his resolve. His personal story illustrates his incredible strength. His success in his professional career validates that he accomplishes his goals…and always exceeding his goals.

I met Mony in 2003 when he was a student in the St. Mary’s College Satellite program offered in Livermore. The marketing class’s final project was to create a “tangible product” and a written marketing plan. Thinking out of the box, Mony asked if he could have an exception. He wanted to “tell his story.” I agreed. His project for that class became the beginning of his book, “Officer M. N. O. P. and Me.” His amazing 92-page story and activity book for ages five to eight– was launched in the summer of 2018.

On February 2, 2019, I had the privilege of seeing Mony receive the prestigious Meritorious Service Award as part of the 2019 St. Mary’s Distinguished Alumni Awards. This award is for his service to his community and to St. Mary’s College. I am honored to be one of his St. Mary’s professors and would gladly endorse him as the next Mayor of Livermore.”

Cheryl Blea
“I am a long-time resident of Livermore. I am genuinely excited at the prospect of Mony Nop running for the position of Mayor of Livermore. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mony for over two decades and had the privilege of working with him on several outreach projects for the betterment of our city. Mony has proven to be a true servant of the community and one who is passionate about people of all ages and backgrounds. He is by all accounts a wonderful person. He is bright, hardworking, respectful, dedicated, and humble. He also has a fine demeanor, a listening ear, a great business mind, and a positive attitude.

In sum, I have been, and remain completely impressed with Mony and I believe he would be the ideal candidate to represent our great city through changes, challenges, and victories. I strongly urge your serious consideration of Mony and I recommend him without reservation.”

J.R. Romero, Tri-Valley Auto Body
“I have known Mony for many years. I have seen him perform his duties as a Livermore Police Officer with dignity and respect protecting Livermore’s citizens and working with youth. As a member of the Rotary Club of Livermore, he volunteered on almost every project receiving an award for it.

In his career in real estate, Mony goes above and beyond for his clients and I know as Mayor he will do the same to proudly serve the citizens of Livermore with honesty and integrity. I’m voting for Mony Nop!”

Belia and Paul Martinez
“I’ve known Mony for about 15 years now since he was a police officer with the Livermore Police Department.  His work and life have always been about the service of others. He loves helping people, especially those who are less privileged in our community. This is evident by all of the charity work that Mony has participated in, from being a liaison for the police department and the community to teaching the DARE program to various schools in the school district, to hosting food and turkey drive and to volunteering his time in the community. I support Mony to be the next Mayor of Livermore because he is a leader who is kind, considerate, generous, friendly, compassionate, and is very passionate in all that he does to help our community. Thank you, Mony for all that you do for our Livermore community and beyond.”

Carrie Ulrich
“When I first met Mony Nop, he was a larger than life Livermore Police Officer. At that time, part of his assignment involved visiting and participating in activities with students at a middle school program. I’ve known Mony for decades. I’ve known him as a police officer, a friend, a family man, and a realtor. Mony has many talents and he is so good with people of all ages. I’m confident that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. He inspires me!”

Brian Nakashima
“I have known Mony Nop for over 20 years since I first coached his son in basketball. During that time, I’ve seen him in many roles. As a single father, he was a dedicated family man who prioritized his kids first. He was a dedicated police officer who came to love the city of Livermore. He built a successful real estate business which he used to fund his many philanthropic endeavors.

Not stopping there, he collaborated to start another organization to help others run their own non-profits. As a struggling child himself, he knows that the future is our children, so he designed programs to help develop leadership in our youth. He also authored a children’s book showing children how police officers help kids and their community. He became a dancer, a motivational speaker, and a leader in the community.

These were just a few of his many accomplishments. Because of all this, I believe Mony is an innovative leader who above all gets things done. Now, he believes he can best serve our city of Livermore as its Mayor. I do not know anyone who is more suited for this job.”

Rick Mayfield
“I’ve known Mony for almost a decade. Besides his infectious smile and charismatic demeanor, you can trust him upon meeting him. In the nearly ten years that I’ve come to call him my friend, Mony has built on that trust, through honoring commitments and by staying true to his word.

Mony’s demonstrated passion for helping others, including founding an organization that focuses on providing our local youth with leadership opportunities, providing turkeys and additional resources to a local food bank through the “Mony Nop Turkey Drop,” to his involvement in the DARE program to keep kids off drugs during his tenure as a Livermore Police Officer, to acting as an informal mentor to me and countless others, helping to improve my business and leadership skills. Mony has been an inspiration to me as well as the greater Livermore community. I’ve always thought that one day Mony would make a fine Mayor for the city of Livermore, and I will be proud to cast my vote for him. “

Trent Thompson
“When I first met Mony, he was direct, genuine, and polite. I have had the privilege to witness his passion for developing young leaders and consider myself lucky to be an individual he has invested his time and energy into. As I am building my own community and network Mony has offered a clear open door. He ends every interaction with “what can I do to help? and capitalizes on every opportunity to be an informal mentor.”  My experience has led me to believe Mony genuinely cares for people, for his community, and is an excellent Leader.”

Monte Martella
“I’ve had the pleasure to meet Mony Nop at the high school I teach at. He was giving a presentation to students about life after high school. His life story is moving.

He took time from his busy schedule to meet with me one on one and to talk about my small business and how to reach out. He is a wealth of knowledge and lives to give back. He has the art of giving back down to a science and is always looking for ways to improve.

Reach out. Get to know him. I’ve never seen a heart so big. He has the leadership to run, improve, and unite old town with new town.”