Mony’s Vision for Livermore

1. Alternatives for MORE Affordable Housing 

We need housing for our Police, Firefighters, and Teachers … More parking, and an increase in park space.

Increase affordable housing options within Livermore and the Tri-Valley region so that our working families can live closer to opportunities and are not unduly burdened with unsustainable housing costs. There is no question that Livermore needs more affordable and workforce housing in locations that make sense for our neighborhoods and the city. Mony supports a variety of housing types, which will help our police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and local workforce residents who struggle with Livermore’s housing affordability. He supports the current smart growth policies governed by the city’s Housing Implementation Program (HIP).  Mony respects the Urban Growth Boundary approved by the voters in Livermore and he will work to maintain the Scenic Corridor Policy, protect our open space, and promote smart growth of our infill property.

2. Create and Maintain a Safe Livermore

Help keep safe the ones who keep us safe!

We enjoy a quality of life in Livermore that residents hold dear. Mony has spent his career protecting our residents and as Mayor will seek innovative ways to continue that work. Mony is a strong advocate for Police Officers and Community Oriented Policing Programs. As a first responder and proud Livermore Police Officer for 17 years, Mony values the individuals who serve our communities to keep our residents and property safe. These heroes represent the first line of defense in every community helping to maintain order and well-being. Mony truly understands the importance of diversity, representation, and inclusion. Mony will work diligently to ensure our police will treat all residents with respect and care using proven community public safety protocols that promote confidence in the city in which we live, work and play.

3. Address Homelessness

Act Now ….Together, let’s find regional solutions within the Tri-Valley!

Livermore’s homeless population has increased dramatically within the past several years, and we must act now to help the unhoused in our community. Mony understands what it means to be homeless having lived in the war-torn country of Cambodia for the first six years of his life, and then in a tent city in the refugee camps for his next four years in Thailand and the Philippines.

The efforts of our local, faith-based community, and other non-profits that provide services to our homeless citizens — including the Livermore Police Homeless Liaison Officers –- a team that interacts directly with the homeless population sharing services that are available to them, are a part of the answer, however, we need more.

As Mayor, Mony will seek short and long-term solutions — on the regional level, to help mitigate homelessness in our community. He will work with the Tri-Valley leaders to find more transitional and permanent housing and host workshops to better educate the public about homelessness. “We must seek assistance from those who are willing to help, including our residents, and all state, federal and local governments.”

Based on his experience as a police officer, Mony believes that one of the most effective ways to solve homelessness is by building “tiny homes”  with the added component of a community center that offers “wrap-around services.” In February 2020, Mony and 40 other leaders from the Bay Area traveled to Austin, Texas, to visit the tiny homes and wrap-around community service centers, known as Community First Villages. Mony is a huge supporter of the Goodness Village in Livermore modeled after Community First Village in Austin, Texas.

4. Bring High-Paying Jobs to Livermore

Why can’t Livermore become the region’s job hub? We can!

Create more living-wage and union jobs in Livermore so our residents do not have to spend their times commuting and can instead spend it doing what they want. Right now, too many residents spend valuable time commuting long distances to work. Mony will work with the city’s Economics and Innovation Department to pursue jobs and industries right here in Livermore that can bring residents “home.” This includes continued support for our local business incubator such as Innovation Tri-Valley.

It has always been a strong desire of Mony to create a job hub in Livermore for many high-paying positions. These would include R&D, bio-tech, high tech, and the wine industry. Our city is ready for it and our talent pool is quite impressive with an educated 57% of the Tri Valley. Of that population, 25% of workers possess bachelor’s degrees and we have the highest PhD communities in the nation. The future of the Livermore Valley workforce will desire housing for the small-town feel, yet, desire a strategic and smart growth pattern that will keep them here.

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