Spotlight On A Leader

Livermore residents have asked why Mony Nop would be the best choice for Mayor. The answer: No other candidate has the energy, the inspiration, the mindset and the credentials to lead as the next mayor of Livermore!

Mony For Mayor 2020 - Meet Mony - The Nop family entering the refugee camp - Livermore CA

As a self-made man who escaped the killing fields of Cambodia as a young, underprivileged child, Mony has proven his resourcefulness and leadership skills repeatedly.

By protecting Livermore for 17 years as a Police Officer, and First Responder, Mony recognizes that public safety is one of the highest priorities in our community. It is important that everyone in our community feels secure and protected. Keeping our city safe — priceless!

Mony exudes compassion, humility and understanding

Mony understands how important small acts of kindness and guidance are to success. He had learned first-hand what it means to receive a good education, believe in yourself, and thrive. With an uplifting spirit and a warmth, if elected, Mony will donate his entire salary to four amazing local nonprofit organizations: Tri-Valley Food Pantry, Culinary Angels,  the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance and Eden Housing. He will make sure that as Mayor, he will nurture and support avenues for everyone in our community to succeed.

Mony is passionate about Giving Back!

While still operating as a successful businessman, Mony recognizes the art of compromise by bringing his skillset forward with optimism, professionalism, and knowledge to the business community. He has c0-founded two organizations, East Bay Entrepreneurs Circle —an organization helping aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about business, turning their passion into profit, and the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance (TVNPA) —an organization converging other nonprofits for better communication, awareness, education, and the overall importance of working together.

Mony is involved in programs that have helped to shape him and direct his desire to bring diversity to Livermore and to the council. Mony’s leadership goals include the assurance that everyone is treated equally. Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, pillars in a community, are important to Mony as strong and necessary components in his own lifelong plan.

Mony has the fortitude, ability, and zest to roll up his sleeves and dig in. This hands-on guy has a let’s do this attitude conveying that he is ready to take on the job at hand. He will help to mitigate the homeless issue, create a solution for the lack of housing, assist with the future build of the downtown area, and various issues, such as public utilities, and transportation (Valley Link), creating a tech hub. He will develop a tighter bond with the residents, the business community, and the Livermore Lab facilities.

“I will focus on lifting up the people in our city, and to be an inspiration for neighbors, working families and businesses. I believe that I can lead Livermore on a vibrant path forward with determination and hard work at a time of unprecedented challenges since my life has been lived overcoming obstacles to succeed.

It would be my honor to have your vote, and to serve you. Let’s do this together!”